Sending messages at the recipient’s time zone sending-messages-at-the-recipient-s-time-zone

When managing a campaign in which the date and time are important, you can schedule a delivery that takes each recipient’s local time into account: they will receive email, SMS or push notifications at the time you scheduled, in their own time zone.

To use this functionality, make sure that all profiles targeted by your delivery have a time zone specified in the Address section of their properties. For more information on accessing profile properties, refer to this section.

To send a delivery at the recipient’s time zone, you can also use the Scheduler activity in a workflow. For more on this, refer to this page.

In the following example, we want to send a promotional code that is only valid on Valentine’s Day to all customers around the world. To provide sufficient time to use it during the day, all customers must receive your message on February 14th at 8:00 AM depending on their time zones.

  1. In the Marketing activities tab, start creating your delivery, in our case an email. To learn more on delivery creation, refer to this section.

  2. After designing your Valentine’s Day email, click Create to access the delivery dashboard. For more on email designing, refer to this page.

  3. From the delivery dashboard, select the Schedule block.

  4. Select the Messages to be sent automatically on the date option specified below. Then in the Start sending from field, set the contact date, in our case February 14th at 8:00 AM so that every recipient receives it on Valentine’s Day.

  5. In the Time zone of the contact date field, select at which time zone your delivery should be sent by default.

    If a profile’s Time zone is left as Default, the recipients will receive the delivery depending on the chosen time zone here.

  6. From the Optimize the sending time per recipient drop-down menu, choose Send at the recipient’s time zone. This allows recipients to receive the Valentine’s day email on the 14 of February depending on their time zone.

  7. After confirming your schedule for your delivery, click the Prepare button then Confirm your delivery.

    Make sure to confirm the send at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, depending on their locations, some recipients might receive the delivery before the actual Valentine’s day event.

No matter where they are located, all recipients will receive the message on February 14th at 8:00 AM their local time.