Sending a recurring push notification with a workflow sending-a-recurring-push-notification-with-a-workflow

In this example, a personalized push notification is sent every first day of the month at 8 pm to the subscribers of your mobile application depending on their time zones.

To build the workflow, follow these steps:

  1. The Scheduler activity allows you to start the workflow days before the start of the delivery to be able to send the notification to every subscriber at 8 pm in any given time zone:

    • In the Execution frequency field, select Monthly.
    • Select 8 pm in the Time field.
    • Choose at which day the delivery will be sent every month.
    • Select a start date for your workflow, at least one day prior to the start of your delivery. Otherwise, some recipients might receive the message a day later if the selected time has already passed in their time zones.
    • In the Execution options tab, select at which time zone your workflow will start in the Time zone field. Here, for example, the workflow will start at 8 pm Pacific time, one week before the first day of the month to allow some time for the deliveries to be created for all applicable time zones.
    note note
    By default, the selected time zone is the one defined in the workflow properties (see Building a workflow).

  2. The Query activity allows you to target your VIP customers aged between 20-30, who have subscribed to your mobile application and who did not open the email you sent:

    • Select an audience (your VIP customers) and filter on their age.

    • Drag and drop the Subscriptions to an application element into the workspace. Select Exists and select the mobile application that you want to use.

    • Select the email that you sent to your customers.

    • Drag and drop the Delivery logs (logs) element into the workspace and select Exists to target all of the customers who received the email.

    • Drag and drop the Tracking logs (tracking) element into the workspace and select Does not exist to target all of the customers who did not open the email.

  3. The Push notification delivery activity allows you to enter the content of your message and to select the personalization fields that you want to use:

    • Select the Recurring notification option.

    • Define the push notification content. For more information on push notification content, refer to this section.

    • In the Schedule block, select Messages to be sent automatically on the time zone specified below. Here, we chose the Time zone of the contact date Pacific as in the workflow Scheduler.

    • In the Optimize the sending time per recipient field, select Send at the recipient’s time zone.

  4. Click the Start button to start your recurring workflow.

Your workflow is now running. It will start at the chosen start date of the Scheduler at 8 pm Pacific time, the recurring push will then be sent every first day of the month at 8 pm depending on the customers time zone.