Extending the subscriptions to an application resource extending-the-subscriptions-to-an-application-resource

In Adobe Campaign, mobile profile attributes data sent from mobile device are stored in Subscriptions to an application (appSubscriptionRcp) resource which allows you to define the data that you want to collect from your applications’ subscribers. For more information on custom resources, refer to this page.

This resource can be extended to collect data you intend to send from the mobile device to Adobe Campaign.

  1. From the advanced menu, via the Adobe Campaign logo, select Administration > Development, then Custom resources.

  2. Click Create and choose the Extend an existing resource option.

  3. Select the Subscriptions to an application (appSubscriptionRcp) resource and click Create.

  4. In the Fields category of the Data structure tab, define the customer data that you want to retrieve from your mobile application by clicking the Add field button.

    note note
    If you are managing several mobile applications, all fields used by all of your applications must be listed. The iOS or Android collect PII call defines which fields are captured by each application.

  5. Add a Label and an ID to your new field. Select your field’s Type.

  6. In the Link to profiles category, configure the reconciliation key used to link the profiles from the Adobe Campaign database to your applications’ subscribers, such as the email.

    Note that for your In-App messages you can only define one reconciliation key for all of your mobile applications.

  7. Save and publish your custom resource. For more information on custom resource publication, refer to this page.