About In-App messaging about-in-app-messaging

In-App messaging is a messaging channel that allows you to display a message when the user is active within the mobile application. This message type is complimentary to push notifications which are delivered to the notification center of users’ phone. For more information on the push notification channel, refer to this section.

This channel requires mobile applications to be integrated with Adobe Experience Platform SDK. These apps have to be activated in the Data Collection UI before being available in Adobe Campaign for In-App deliveries.

To start sending In-App messages on mobile applications leveraging Experience Platform SDK, you need to meet following prerequisites:

  1. In Adobe Campaign, make sure you can access the In-App channel. If you cannot access these channels, contact your account team.

  2. To leverage mobile use cases in Adobe Campaign Standard with an Experience Cloud SDK application, a mobile app has to be created in the Data Collection UI and be configured in Adobe Campaign Standard. For the step-by-step guide, refer to this page.

  3. Once configured, you can now prepare your In-App message. For more on this, refer to this page.

  4. You can then decide to send an In-App message or a Customizing a local notification message type.

  5. Your delivery is now ready to be sent. To learn more, refer to this page.

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Handling mobile profile fields with personal and sensitive data handling-mobile-profile-fields-with-personal-and-sensitive-data

In Adobe Campaign, mobile profile attributes data sent from mobile device are stored in Subscriptions to an application (appSubscriptionRcp) resource which allows you to define the data that you want to collect from your applications’ subscribers.

This resource needs to be extended to collect data you intend to send from the mobile device to Adobe Campaign. To do so, refer to this page for the detailed steps.

To enable personalization of your In-App messages more securely, mobile profile fields from this resource need to be configured accordingly. In your Subscriptions to an application (appSubscriptionRcp), when creating your new mobile profiles fields, check Personal and Sensitive to make them unavailable during In-App messages personalization.

If you have an existing implementation with custom resource extension on this table, we advise you to label the fields appropriately before leveraging them for personalization of In-App messages.

Once your Subscriptions to an application custom resource is configured and published, you can start preparing your In-App delivery using the Target users based on their Mobile profile (inApp) template. Only non-personal and non-sensitive fields will be available from Subscriptions to an application (appSubscriptionRcp) resource for personalization.

If you require personalization with Personal and Sensitive fields, we recommend using the Target users based on their Campaign profile (inAppProfile) template which has additional security mechanism to ensure that your users’ PII data remains secure.