Configure an anomaly detection request

To create an anomaly detection request in Report Builder:

  1. Select a trended report, such as a Site Metrics > Traffic report.

  2. In the Apply Granularity menu, select Day.

    note note
    The Anomaly Detection menu is available only when you select Day granularity. The previous 30 days of data is used as the statistical data training period, regardless of the date range you select.
  3. After configuring date ranges, click Next.

    On the Request Wizard: Step 2 of 2, add a metric, such as Visits.

    For the added metric, click the None link.

    Screenshot showing Anomaly Detection then Insert and then insert options for Lower and Upper Bound and expected.

  4. Select Anomaly Detection > <selection>.

    Screenshot showing Request Wizard Step 2 - Traffic Report.

    When you select one of these options, the system creates Anomaly Detection copies of the original metric. For example, for the Visit metric, a Lower Bound Visit metric is added to the Metric group.

  5. Click Finish and select the cell for output to Excel.

    See Anomaly Detection for definitions.