Request Wizard definitions - preset dates

Preset dates let you select commonly used dates or dates you have saved. On the Request Wizard: Step 1, choose Preset Dates. Here are the field definitions for preset dates in Report Builder.

Commonly Used Dates
Displays the most frequently used date ranges. This setting is enabled by default when you create a new request. If there is at least one request in the workbook, Report Builder uses the date of the existing request as the default setting.
Saved Date Templates

Displays the date range templates that the current user has created. You can save dates on the Fixed Dates form. If you saved a date template for use with all report suites, you must enable Show Saved Date Templates for All Report Suites in order to select it.

See Fixed Dates and Saved Date Ranges.

Show Saved Date Ranged for All Report Suites

Displays templates that have been made available to all report suites. Click Edit to manage saved date ranges or to rename the currently selected saved date range.

See Fixed Dates and Saved Date Ranges for more information.