Alert Manager

The Alert Manager ( Analytics > Components > Alerts) is structured very much like the Segment Manager and the Calculated Metric Manager and allows you to

  • Access the Alert Builder by clicking + Add.
  • Tag alerts. This allows you to organize them for ease of use.
  • Delete alerts.
  • Rename alerts.
  • Approve alerts.
  • Copy alerts.
  • Enable/disable alerts.
  • Renew an alert expiration date. When one or more alerts are selected, they can be renewed by clicking Renew.This extends their expiration dates to be 1 year from the day Renew was clicked, regardless of their original expiration date.
  • Export an alert to a .CSV file.
  • Edit alerts by double-clicking the alert title.
  • Search for alerts.
  • Add alerts to other report suites.
  • Specify/change the owner of an alert.
  • Add other filters.
  • Define an alert expiration date.