Standard Mode vs. Live Mode

Activity Map provides two basic modes to provide complementary reporting of page activity.

  • Standard mode, in which the Links on Page Reportshows link data ranging from single day to multi-day, aggregated over the full date range.
  • Live mode displays activity trends in real time.

The two modes can be toggled by clicking the Mode button on the toolbar.

Standard Mode section_0C755F30B7EC4A13A62AB9A391AF51E6

In Standard Mode, you can select the date range in the toolbar as shown below.

In this mode, Commerce metrics that do not have “Participation” enabled are linearly allocated. For example, let’s say a user clicks on a link “IPod mini” on the home page, then navigates through 3 more pages. On the 4th page, the user purchases an IPod mini for $200. The “IPod mini” link will receive $200 of participation revenue and $50 ($200/4) of revenue (linearly allocated revenue).

Q: What if a page has links with the same link name in separate regions? Do the two links receive credit separately since they have different regions but the same link name on a page?

A: It depends on how you aggregate the link data. In Activity Map, we look at Link ID|Region for a given page, so the allocated data would be for the “Link ID|Region” combination. In this case, because the region differs, the link|region would be distinct, and therefore any allocated revenue for the first link|region will be different from all allocated revenue for the second link. But in the Adobe Analytics UI, you can look at just the link ID report (instead of Link|Region report) for a given page (page broken down by Link). In that case, the revenue would be aggregated across both regions.

Live Mode section_D619B77D89A840F0B1C2DEA2715A516A

In Live Mode, Analytics data is shown in 1-minute to 15-minute increments, in a trended fashion. This mode is all about analyzing and monitoring short-term trends on the web page.

Live mode responds to the needs of publishing organizations. These organizations need to monitor micro-trends on link popularity within a few key pages. The ability to quickly discern what links are under-performing or are getting hot is critical for your publishing business.

Virtual report suites are not compatible with Live Mode, only with Standard Mode.