Manually synchronize ad network data

Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads), Yahoo! Japan Ads, Yandex, and existing Baidu accounts only

Synchronization is the process by which Search, Social, & Commerce gathers updated information for each advertiser’s connected ad network accounts on supported ad networks. This data includes the advertiser’s campaign structure and campaign entities, including most of their attributes that are managed or reported in Search, Social, & Commerce. It doesn’t include click data, nor bids and bid modifiers entered outside Search, Social, & Commerce, which are gathered separately.

Search, Social, & Commerce automatically synchronizes (syncs) with your ad network accounts once a day, and also whenever it detects a new campaign on one of your ad networks. In addition, it immediately sends all changes to campaign data made from within Search, Social, & Commerce to the ad network.

You can manually request synchronization of all active and paused campaigns in specified accounts or in specific active and paused campaigns. This task gathers entities on the ad network that are new or changed.

For campaigns with the “Auto Upload” option, the sync operation also generates and posts tracking codes that are missing or need to be changed in the tracking templates or destination URLs. The URLs are generated according to the parameters in the tracking settings for the account settings or campaign. If tracking URLs exist for the relevant items, they aren’t regenerated unless new ones are needed (such as if the keyword match type, the creative text, or the account’s tracking parameters have changed).

Anytime you create a bulksheet, you can optionally sync with the ad network before the bulksheet is created.
  1. In the main menu, click Search > Campaigns. In the submenu, select either Accounts to sync all campaigns in specific accounts or Campaigns to sync specific campaigns.

  2. (Optional) Filter the list to include specific accounts or campaigns.

  3. Select the check box next to each account or campaign that you want to sync. You can sync up to 50 campaigns at a time. If you sync more than five accounts at a time, the job is broken into batches of up to five accounts each.

  4. Click More in the toolbar, and then select Sync.

You can follow the status of the sync job in the Workspace view. The job may take
an hour or more to appear.