View data generated from feeds

Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo! Japan Ads (delete actions only), and Yandex accounts only

When you propagate feed data without simultaneously posting it to the ad network, you can preview the data in one of the following ways. You later can optionally post data from either location to the relevant ad networks.

  • If you used the option to “Propagate and Preview,” then view the generated bulksheet (named “<feed file name>_<template name>”) from the Bulksheets view. No data is included on the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads tabs. This option allows you to validate the landing pages associated with the ads and keywords before you post the data.

  • If you used the option to “Propagate only,” then view the generated data within a campaign hierarchy view from the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads tabs.

    The campaign hierarchy views show only the data generated from the feed file, not the existing account components. After data for a component and all of its subcomponents is posted to the ad network, it’s no longer listed in the campaign hierarchy vie.

    1. In the main menu, click Search > Campaigns > Advanced (ACM), which opens to the Templates tab.

    2. (Optional) To show only campaign components created for a specific template:

      1. Click the template name.

      2. In the Accounts menu in the left navigation pane, expand the ad network node and the ad network account node, and then select the check box next to the template name.

    3. Click the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, or Ads tab, depending on which components that you want to view.

      note note
      • Unless you view data for a specific template, the Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads tabs list all ad groups, keywords, and ads created from all templates and feed files. Product groups used for Google Ads shopping ads are listed on the Keywords tab.
      • To view only the subcomponents of a specific campaign, start by viewing the Campaigns tab. Similarly, to view only the subcomponents of a specific ad group, start by viewing the Ad Groups tab.
    4. (Optional) To view further information, do either of the following:

      • To view the settings for any campaign, ad group, keyword, or ad, click [View/edit settings icon]("View/edit settings icon") next to the name.

      • To view the subcomponents of a campaign or ad group, do the following:

        • To list all ad groups in a campaign, click the campaign name.

        • To list all keywords or product targets in an ad group, click the ad group name.

        • To list all ads in an ad group, click the ad group name, and then click the Ads tab.