Create and upload assets

For Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts only

Open beta feature

  1. In the main menu, click Search > Campaigns > Asset Library.

  2. In the upper right, select the ad network and the account.

  3. In the toolbar above the data table, click Upload .

  4. Specify each asset type:

    1. Select the Asset Type.

    2. Upload or enter the asset:

      • For image assets:

        1. Click + and select images from your device or network.

          Each image can be a maximum of 10 MB. You can upload a maximum of 200 MB of images at a time.

        2. For each image:

          1. Click Crop .

          2. Select the aspect ratio.

          3. Drag and position the crop box as necessary to select the viewable part of the image, and resize the viewable part of the image as necessary when possible.

          4. (Optional) Select additional aspect ratios, and optionally reposition and resize the image as necessary for each selected aspect ratio.

            One asset is created for each selected aspect ratio.

          5. Click Proceed.

      • For video assets, enter the URL for a YouTube video that’s at least 10 seconds long. To add another video asset, click + Add and enter another URL.

        You can post up to 10 video URLs at a time.

      • (Google Ads accounts only) For text assets, enter the text string. To add another text asset, click + Add and enter another text string.

        Each text asset can have a maximum of 1000 characters. You can upload a maximum of 10 text assets at a time.

        You can later use the text assets for any ad elements of your choice (such as headline or short description), as long as they meet the character limits for that ad element.

  5. Click Post.