Set up interactive content proofing in Web Proofing Viewer

Last update: 2024-02-16
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We recommend that you review all interactive content using the Desktop Proofing Viewer. However, if your organization’s policies prevent this, your Workfront administrator can configure your system to use the Web Proofing Viewer for interactive proofing. For comparative information about these two viewers, see Differences between the Web Proofing Viewer and the Desktop Proofing Viewer overview.

After your Workfront administrator configures your system for interactive proofing in the Web Proofing Viewer, you need to download an extension in order to add comments and markups to interactive proofs:


The Web Proofing Viewer has the following limitations:

  • Does not support URL proofs (supports only ZIP archive files).
  • Does not support Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • Does not emulate content using interface specifications on mobile devices, such as button color, though it does let you view interactive content as it appears in the resolutions for the various devices.

You must install the legacy browser plugin to comment on interactive proofs in the Web Proofing Viewer. This plugin is only available in the Firefox in the Firefox add-ons store.

Set up interactive content proofing in Web Proofing Viewer

  1. Open a proof created from a ZIP file containing interactive content.

    For more information, see About preparing interactive content in a ZIP file for proofing in Interactive content proofs overview.

    See also Create a proof for interactive content in a ZIP file.

  2. Click Add comment.

    A message prompts you to download the browser extension for interactive content.

  3. Click Add to browser to go to the extension download page in your browser’s store, then download the extension.

  4. In the Web Proofing Viewer, click Reload the proof.

With the extension installed on your browser, the proofing viewer takes a static screenshot of your content every time you click Add comment. This screenshot is where you can add comments with markups.


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