Format dates in text mode reports

Dates can be configured to display in a variety of formats in reports and lists in Adobe Workfront. To establish a date format, you must modify the valueformat line of the text mode code in the column.

valueformat= [new date format] For example, if you wanted the Projected Completion Date to be displayed as MM/DD/YY the code would look like:


If you wanted to show the Planned Completion Date as Mth, DD, Year, the code would look like:


For more information about applying conditional formatting in Workfront reports and lists using text mode, see Use conditional formatting in Text Mode.

You can format dates using the following


 text mode values:

Format Example  valueformat=
MM/DD/YY 10/11/18 atDate
MM/DD/YY Time 10/11/18 12:00pm longAtDate
MM/DD/YY 10/11/18 shortAtDate
Mth, DD, YR Oct, 11, 2018 mediumAtDate
DW, Mth, Day, YR Mon, Oct, 11, 2018 partialAtDate
DW, Mth, Day, YR Time Mon, Oct, 11, 2018 12:00 pm fullAtDate

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