2018.2 release activity overview


 The 18.2 release was made available in the Production environment on the following dates:

  • Workfront Proof Production environment - Tuesday, July 17
  • Workfront Production environment for clusters 2 and 4  - Thursday, July 19 
  • Workfront Production environment for clusters 1, 3, and 5 - Friday, July 20

This page provides information about the functionality available in the 2018.2 release.

The 2018.2 release contains enhancements both for Workfront administrators and other users:

Enhancements for Administrators

Enhancements for All Users

Project Enhancements

Home Area (Updated My Work)

Resource Management Enhancements

Agile Enhancements

Reporting Enhancements

Mobile Enhancements

Integration Enhancements

API Enhancements

proofing viewer Enhancements

Proofing Enhancements in Workfront

Proofing Enhancements in Workfront Proof

Other Enhancements


TLS Support Is Ending

In order to provide optimal security, Workfront is requiring that all integrations and web traffic using TLS 1.0 or earlier be upgraded to use TLS 1.1 or later.

For more information, see TLS 1.2 to be required in Adobe Workfront.

Flash Application Removal

All functionality that relies on Flash technology will be removed from Workfront with the 2018.3 release and replaced with a new solution.

This functionality includes:

Microsoft Outlook Add-in Support Is Ending

Workfront will no longer support the desktop version of the add-in after the 18.2 product release in July.

Now is the time to switch to Workfront for Outlook and become a productivity powerhouse! Instead of providing two distinct add-ins for Outlook, we now provide one universal add-in which can be used in any environment: on a PC, Mac, Desktop, Web, and even on the Outlook mobile app.

When you install the new Workfront for Outlook on any of your environments, your team can get more done, stay organized, and prioritize their work in real time.

Use the following resources to learn more about Workfront for Outlook and get started:

Removing Old API Versions

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our API, we are removing old API versions that are no longer compatible with more recent releases of Workfront.

See the API versioning and support schedule for more information. 

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