Project Team overview

A project team is a group of users associated with a project. Users listed under the People area of a project are the users who make up the project team.

Project Team members

You can assign users to a project team either manually or automatically. For more information see the section “Add users to a Project Team” in the article Manage the Project Team.

Notifications to Project Team members

Depending on what email notifications your Adobe Workfront administrator enables, users on a project team are notified of various actions on a project. For more information about enabling email notifications, see Configure event notifications for everyone in the system.


Ensure you keep the project team membership updated in order to avoid sending notifications to users who do not need information about a project.

Role-based approvals

To use role-based approvals on a project, users must be assigned to the project team and have the correct job role assigned in their user profile.

See the following articles for information on how to add a user to the project team and how to assign them a job role:

If you don’t want to require the user to be on the project team for role-based approvals, you can control this in approval settings. For more information, see Configure global approval settings.

Projects I’m On filter

If a user is listed on the People area of a project, that project appears in a list of projects when you apply the Projects I’m On filter in the Projects area.

You can see if the Projects I’m On filter is selected in the Projects area header. You can apply it from the Filters panel or from the header.


If you are the creator of a project, the project remains listed in the Projects I’m On list, even if your name does not appear on the People area of the project or if your name has been removed from that list.

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