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Last update: 2023-04-18
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As an Adobe Workfront administrator, you assign an access level to a user for 2 purposes:

  • Every user must have an access level in order to log in and work in Workfront.
  • You use the access level to control what a user can see and do with certain Workfront objects and areas.

Each of the six built-in access levels is attached to one of the five Workfront licenses: Plan, Work, Review, Request, and External. (External is an unpaid license designed primarily for sharing documents with collaborators who don’t use Workfront.)

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The license attached to an access level determines how the access level can be configured.

For more information, see Licenses overview.

Tip: You can see which access level and license is assigned to each user by viewing a user list or report. For instructions, see List your users' access levels and licenses.

Built-in access levels

For more information about the 6 built-in access levels shown in the image above, see Built-in access levels in Adobe Workfront.

Assigning access levels

For instructions on how to assign an access level to a user, see Edit a user's profile.

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