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Last update: 2023-11-15
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Whether you’re looking at the main Projects page or at an individual project, fine-tune your list to see the information you need with Filters, Views, and Groupings.

You can get a high-level look at how all of your projects are progressing on the Projects page.

Project page with filters showing

Use the Filters to narrow down the list based on certain criteria. Then select a View to display the columns of information that are relevant to your projects. Finally, select a Grouping to organize the projects in a way that makes sense to you.

When you’re on the Tasks section of a project, utilize Filters, Views, and Groupings again to help you monitor the work being done. Because you’re looking at tasks instead of projects, you have a whole different set of choices.

Project task list with views showing

Many Workfront customers create custom views that expose custom form information and other fields relevant to the work being done.

Learn how to create custom filters, view and groupings

Create a basic filter

Create a basic view

Create a basic grouping

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