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Last update: 2023-11-15
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In this video, you will learn:

  • How to view the details of the project
  • What information shows in the task list
  • Where to upload documents
  • How to view the update history

Key parts of the project page

The project page is filled with many features to help you manage your work. Work with your system administrator if there is an option you need but don’t see in your instance of Workfront. Here are a few of the main project page features to make note of.

Project page

  1. Breadcrumb trail: Navigate through the program and portfolio hierarchy behind the project.
  2. Object type: Showing the object type on the landing page helps you identify what you’re looking at in Workfront. The “project” term is customizable by your Workfront system administrator.
  3. Project name: The name of the project that you’re viewing. Click into the name to edit it.
  4. Project header: Standard information that’s available on all project pages.
  5. Percent complete: This updates automatically, based on the tasks completed in the project.
  6. Project Owner: At most organizations, this is the project manager. This is the person responsible for managing the project in Workfront and ensuring it’s completed.
  7. Planned Completion Date: The planned completion date of the project is set by the project manager through the project timeline.
  8. Condition: The Condition is a visual representation of how the project is progressing. Workfront can automatically configure the Condition based on the progress status of the tasks in the project. Or Condition can be set manually through the project details.
  9. Status: The Status indicates where in the process the project stands: is the project still being planned, is the project in progress, or is all of the work in the project complete.
  10. New Task: Click to create a new task in the project. The task generates at the bottom of the list.
  11. Export: Export the project plan to a PDF, spreadsheet, or tab delimited file.
  12. Left panel menu: Navigate to different information about the project with the left panel. Click the icon to collapse the panel if you need a bit more space on your screen. Drag and drop the icons so the order helps you work efficiently. The options you see are set by your Workfront system administrator.
  13. Task list: The task list shows all the tasks that make up your project plan. The information visible about each task is determined by the view selected.
  14. Summary panel: Click the icon to toggle open or closed the summary panel, which provides a quick look into information about the selected task.

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