PREMIUM Add promotions

Add promoted items and control their placement in your Recommendations designs. You can add static and dynamic promotions.


Static and dynamic exclusion rules are powerful features that can help you with your marketing efforts. For detailed information, examples, and use-case scenarios, see Use Dynamic and Static Inclusion Rules.

When you create a Recommendations activity, you have the option to include promoted items in your Recommendations design. Promotions use available slots in a design and take precedence over criteria results and backup recommendations. For example, if your design has six slots and you use two of them for promotions, four slots are available for items recommended based on criteria.

Promotions are de-duplicated against items recommended by the criteria for your activity, so a given item won’t appear twice in a single recommendations tray.

You can promote specific items, dynamically promote items, promote items based on attributes, or promote collections.


Using promotions changes CSV structure and output. These changes could have an impact on any external processes that involve CSV, such as email.

  1. On the Options page, click the Front Promotion or Back Promotion toggle.

    The following illustration shows the Front Promotion toggle in the “On” position.

    Add Front Promotion options

    You can insert promotions both before and after your criteria results.

  2. Set the number of design slots to use for promoted items.

    You can use up to 20 slots, depending on your Recommendations design. Each slot you use becomes unavailable for recommendations returned based on your criteria.

  3. Set a start date and end date for your promoted items.

    If you don’t set a start date, the promotion begins immediately. If you don’t set an end date the promotion runs indefinitely.

  4. Select a Promotion Type.

    • Select List of items and enter the values, separated by commas, of the specific items you want to promote.

      If your list includes more items than the number of slots you set for promotions, you can select the Randomize Item Order check box to vary the promoted items that are displayed in your design. Choosing this option results in Target randomly selecting the number of items enabled for promotions in the template from the entire promotion set for each visit.

    • Select Promote by attribute and add rules to define the attributes of the items you want to promote.

      If you select Promote by Attribute, you can create dynamic matches. For more information, see Use Dynamic and Static Inclusion Rules.

    • Select Promote a collection and choose the collection of items you want to promote. You can create new collections to use for promotions. See Create a Collection for more information.

  5. Click Save..

Promotions are applied to all experiences in the activity.

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