JSON object for custom ad markers

The code block below defines the “details” JSON object when the type is custom ad markers.

The MetadataNode returned by IFeedItemAdapter:getStreamMetadata() contains 2 entries:

  1. an entry with key of type com.adobe.mediacore.metadata.DefaultMetadataKeys.CUSTOM_AD_MARKERS_METADATA_KEY and value of of an instance of the MetadataNode returned by TimeRangeCollection.toMetadata().
  2. The second entry has a key of type com.adobe.mediacore.metadata.DefaultMetadataKeys.METADATA_KEY_ADJUST_SEEK_ENABLED with the value of the adjust-seek-position attribute below.
“metadata”: {
    “ad” :  {
        “type”: “custom ad markers”,
        “details”: {
            "adjust-seek-position": true,
            "time-ranges": [
                    "begin": 5000,
                    "begin": 120000,

Property Description
adjust-seek-position true or false, used to set the value of the key com.adobe.mediacore.metadata.DefaultMetadataKeys.METADATA_KEY_ADJUST_SEEK_ENABLED in the MetadataNode.
time-ranges An array of JSON Objects indicating the time range for each ad marker. Each JSON Object entry maps to an instance of com.adobe.mediacore.utils.TimeRange.
time-ranges.begin Value in ms indicating the start time of the ad marker.
time-ranges.end Value in ms indicating the end time of the ad marker.

Refer to the TVSDK documentation for further information on how custom ad markers work.

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