Mediacore classes

You can use the Primetime Player API to customize the behavior of the player.

To see the complete API documentation for TVSDK, go to the Adobe Primetime API References.

These classes describe your media player and its resources.
Package: com.adobe.mediacore



ABRControlParameters ABRControlParameters Class that encapsulates all adaptive bit rate control parameters.
AdClientFactory Interface for creating opportunity detectors.
AdvertisingFactory Factory class that allows customization of the ad decisioning process.
BufferControlParameters Class that encapsulates all buffer control parameters.
DefaultAdPolicySelector Default implementation for ad playback behaviors. Interface allowing applications to customize ad behaviors.
DefaultMediaPlayer Default class implementation of MediaPlayer interface.
MediaPlayer Public interface for the DefaultMediaPlayer class. Includes enumerations for Event, PlayerState, and Visibility.
MediaPlayer.AdPlaybackEventListener Interface definition of a set of callbacks to be invoked during ad playback.
MediaPlayer.DRMEventListener Interface definition of a callback to be invoked when protected metadata becomes available.
MediaPlayer.EventListener Marker interface used to unify event listener registration.
MediaPlayer.PlaybackEventListener Interface definition of a set of callback to be invoked during playback.
MediaPlayer.QOSEventListener Interface definition of a set of callback to be invoked during QoS.
MediaPlayerItem Interface that represents audio-video media.
MediaPlayerItemLoader Class that loads a media player resource and creates the corresponding MediaPlayerItem object.
MediaPlayerItemLoader.LoaderListener Interface that defines the listener methods associated with the MediaPlayerItemLoader object.
MediaPlayerView Class for the view that will be used by the MediaPlayer for video rendering.
MediaResource Class that wraps all information about a media resource. Includes enumeration for Type of media resource.
PlacementOpportunityDetector Interface used for processing in-manifest cues that will be used as placements for the ad decisioning process.
PSDKConfig Class that encapsulates the custom tags used by the media player when performing the ad placement, in addition to the default cue tags. It also includes the tag names that the application wants to be notified about.
TextFormat Interface that encapsulates different attributes describing a text style (for example, the closed captions style).
TextFormatBuilder Class methods for setting the formatting of text.
Version Class that provides the TVSDK version and description.

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