Setting preferences overview

With the exception of the Packager Server URL, all the preferences specified below are stored in the file on the server. All the settings can be modified either directly in the properties file or through the AIR application. Passwords are encrypted when they are stored in the properties file on the server. Type the unencrypted password into the UI, and it will be encrypted before it is stored in the file.


All directories and paths refer to directories on the packager server, not on the client running the AIR application.

Any changes made here take effect immediately once the preferences are saved. There is no need to restart the server unless the Packager Thread terminated due to configuration problems.

The preference descriptions use the following terms:

Preference Description
Packager Server URL Location of server running flashaccess-packager.war ; for example, https://localhost:8080
Resource Directory Directory containing policies, certificates, credentials, and any other resources required for the packager server
License Server URL

URL of the server from which the client should request a license; for example,

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