Create a sandbox

In this lesson, you will create a development environment sandbox that you will use for the rest of the tutorial.

Sandboxes provide isolated environments where you can try out functionality without mixing resources and data with your Production environment. For more details, see the sandboxes documentation.

Data Architects and Data Engineers will need to create sandboxes outside of this tutorial.

Before you begin the exercises, watch this short video to learn more about sandboxes:

Permissions required

In the Configure Permissions lesson, you set up all the access controls required to complete this lesson.

Create a Sandbox

Let’s create a sandbox:

  1. Log into the Adobe Experience Platform interface

  2. Go to Sandboxes in the left navigation

  3. Select Create sandbox on the top right
    Select Create sandbox

  4. Select Development as the Type

  5. Name your sandbox luma-tutorial (consider adding your name to the end)

  6. Title your tutorial Luma Tutorial (consider adding your name to the end)

  7. Select the Create button
    Create your sandbox


    While you could use any arbitrary values for your sandbox name and title, sticking to the values suggested is recommended as we will refer to these labels throughout the tutorial. If there are multiple people at your organization completing this tutorial, consider adding your name at the end of the sandbox title and name, for example luma-tutorial-ignatiusjreilly.

Sandboxes take approximately 30 seconds to create, during which time a “Creating” status displays. When the sandbox is fully created, it shows as “Active”:
Active status

Wait until your sandbox is “Active” before continuing to the next exercise.

Add the new sandbox to the product profile

Once the sandbox is active, you must include it in your product profile in order to use it. To add it to your product profile:

  1. In a separate browser tab, log into the Admin Console

  2. Go to Products > Adobe Experience Platform

  3. Open the Luma Tutorial Platform profile

    Select the Product Profile

  4. Go to the Permissions tab

  5. On the Sandboxes row, select Edit

    Select Edit

  6. Remove the Prod sandbox you assigned to the profile originally

  7. Select the + icon to add the new Luma Tutorial sandbox to the right-hand column

  8. Select Save to save the updated permissions

    Move the Sandbox to the other column

  9. Go back to the browser tab with Experience Platform

  10. Reload (or Shift-reload) the page and you should now either be in the Luma Tutorial sandbox or it should appear in your sandbox dropdown

  11. Switch to the Luma Tutorial sandbox if you aren’t already in it

    Confirm Sandbox

Great, you’ve created your sandbox and are ready to Set up Developer Console and Postman!

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