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Mix Modeler works with event level data, aggregate oe summary marketing effort data from various walled gardens, and aggregrate or summary data from any other source, like offline advertising, internal factors or external factors.

Customers can use any kind of data that is ingested into Experience Platform as datasets and which is based on schemas using the XDM ExperienceEvent or XDM Summary Metrics as the base class.

For example:

  • data collected using the Adobe Analytics source connector and transformed into datasets conforming to the default or a custom version of the Adobe Analytics schema, or alternatively,
  • data collected using the Experience Platform Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or Edge Network Server API for collecting customer interactions on web, mobile, or any other type of device,
  • aggregate or summary data from walled gardens (like Facebook, YouTube), traffic sources or offline advertising data,
  • non-marketing aggregate or summary data containing internal or external factors that are useful for model building.

You can use any kind of mechanism, supported by Experience Platform, to ingest your experience event-level, aggregate marketing effort data, and data from other sources. Such as the Experience Platform SDKs, APIs, source connectors, and streaming and batch ingestion.


To ingest data into Experience Platform for use with Mix Modeler, follow these guidelines:

  • There should not be any overlap in the incremental data that is added to the datasets.
  • All data from a single source should be of the same granularity.
  • Date and granularity are mandatory fields in the underlying schema for all aggregate data ingested as datasets
  • Channel is a mandatory field in the underlying schema for all marketing effort / spend data ingested as datasets.


Find below some examples of data typically used in Mix Modeler beyond the more standard experience event data.

 Aggregate marketing effort data
Geo Date Date Type Channel Campaign Click Earned Engagement Impression Open Owned Sent
AMER 2021-10-31 day EMAIL 12752 1132945
AMER 2021-10-31 day FB 148844
AMER 2021-10-31 day YT 2314452
JPN 2021-10-21 day EMAIL 21089 3283626
JPN 2021-10-21 day SOCIAL 621
 Aggregate conversion data
Geo Date Date Type Product Units Sold Revenue
EMEA 2021-09-13 day Creator Economy 603 36537.68
EMEA 2021-09-13 day Metaverse 55 21704.37
JPN 2022-05-30 day Pro Imaging 487 64469.60
JPN 2022-05-30 day Document Cloud 642 100509.07
 External factors data
Data Date Type Factor Value
2020-08-02 week SPX 3325.866
2020-08-09 week SPX 3364.158
2020-08-16 week SPX 3385.858
2020-08-23 week SPX 3497.965

To work with data in Mix Modeler, you need data collected in datasets and modeled after schemas in Experience Platform. The Mix Modeler interface provides easy access to both the Experience Platform Schemas and Datasets UI.

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