Player State Tracking Examples

Last update: 2022-11-11
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Long Pause example

When a video session has a pause duration that is longer than 30 minutes, the API requires a new session. When this occurs, the client should generate a new session ID. For both video sessions, the client should retain all the states that a player is in and send all the information as a stateStart event right after the sessionStart call.

sessionStart → stateStart (fullscreen) → stateStart (mute) → pauseStart → (pings for 30 minutes) → sessionEnd

After the sessionEnd is sent, a new video session must be started and the first API events would be:

sessionStart → stateStart (fullscreen) → stateStart (mute) → ... other API events

The long pause example shows that the player also stores its states, so they can be sent to the new video session.

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