Media Stream Attribution

Last update: 2022-11-11
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With Media Stream Attribution, you can link application actions to media tracking data without the need for additional processing rules and custom variables.

Media Dimensions Outside Media Tracking

You can add media dimensions to analytics calls such as page views and custom links. During implementation, you must add the media context data parameters to the Analytics track calls. To view the full list of available context data parameters used for media, see Audio and video parameters.

To enable this feature for a specific report, re-enable the media tracking configuration from the Admin console.


The media metrics are not available for use outside of media tracking because most of these are computed by Streaming Media Analytics based on heartbeat events. Also, it is important that the media metrics not be inflated by different implementations.

Using Media Stream Attribution

The JavaScript example below generates a Custom Link tracking call that has the name set to “Hero Banner”.

s.contextData[""]="Mi Amore",'o','Hero Banner');

In Analytics reporting, you can use the Show eVar to break down the data, and you will be able to count the track link instances. The reporting would look similar to this:

Use Cases

The following examples show use cases for the following:

  • Category Placement
  • Hero Placement
  • Engagement
  • Subscriptions

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