Track seeking on iOS

The following instructions provide guidance for implementation across all 2.x SDKs.


If you are implementing a 1.x version of the SDK, you can download the 1.x Developers Guides here: Download SDKs.

Seek tracking constants

Constant name Description    
ADBMediaHeartbeatEventSeekStart Constant for tracking Seek Start event.
ADBMediaHeartbeatEventSeekComplete Constant for tracking Seek Complete event.

Implement seeking

  1. Listen for the playback seeking events from the media player, and on seek start event notification, track seeking using the SeekStart event:

    - (void)onSeekStart:(NSNotification *)notification {
        [_mediaHeartbeat trackEvent:ADBMediaHeartbeatEventSeekStart
  2. On seek complete notification from the media player, track the end of seeking using the SeekComplete event:

    - (void)onSeekComplete:(NSNotification *)notification {
        [_mediaHeartbeat trackEvent:ADBMediaHeartbeatEventSeekComplete

See the tracking scenario VOD playback with seeking in the main content for more information.

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