Release Notes: June 2022

Last update: 2023-12-11

Below you’ll find all the features included in the June '22 release. Check your Adobe Marketo Engage edition for feature availability.


Features denoted by a star (star) are paid add-ons. Please contact your Marketo Engage representative to learn more.

The following features will start to be released on June 24, 2022, with a phased rollout of remaining features over the subsequent weeks (unless specified otherwise).

Marketing Data Environment

  • Expose CreatedAt/UpdatedAt fields for Custom Objects: Gives you the ability to inspect these fields in the Person Detail screen to gain additional insight.

Cross-Channel Orchestration

  • Improved Stream Designer Usability for Dynamic Chat: Add cards directly from the Stream Designer canvas without the need to drag and drop. The Dynamic Chat interface has also been improved to offer better visibility of content in individual cards.

  • Advanced Appointment Routing Rules for Dynamic Chat: Dynamic Chat offers more options for targeted appointment routing. Specify which agent appointments should be routed based on Marketo Engage attributes, ensuring leads are routed to the appropriate agents.

  • Advanced Dialogue Reporting for Dynamic Chat: View the performance of your Dynamic Chat campaigns in greater detail using all-new data visualizations for engagement and conversion metrics.

  • Unsync Unused Marketo Engage Attributes for Dynamic Chat: Unsync Marketo Engage attributes from your Dynamic Chat subscription that go unused, helping you facilitate data cleanliness and allowing for alternative attributes to be synced as needed.

Next-generation Experience

New Toggle Switch Views: The views below are now available in the Next-generation Experience:

Experience Automation

  • Global Form Field Validation Rule Exclusions: Exclude specific forms from Global Form Validation Rules so subscription centers and other business critical workflows can accept all values.

  • Self-service Flow Steps: Expand connectivity between Marketo Engage and the rest of your stack with the ability to author customized flow steps for use in Smart Campaigns. Both Marketo Engage users and partners can leverage this functionality to allow for the usage of external web services in Trigger, Batch, and Executable Campaigns in contrast to Webhooks, which can only be used in Trigger Campaigns.

  • Munchkin Protocol Agnostic Link Tracking: Extend support for tracking of tel and mailto links with Munchkin to track expanded set of web behaviors.

  • Additional HTTP methods for webhooks: Specify PUT, PATCH, and DELETE as request types to interact with web services.

Sales Insight


  • Sales Insight Permission Set in Salesforce: Admins can provide Sales Insight access to a limited set of people on a user level rather than profile level through the Marketo App permission set, which is part of the Sales Insight Salesforce package.

  • My Marketo Tile Update - Sales Insight Actions: Marketo Admins (and users they designate) can now quickly navigate to their Sales Insight Actions instance via a new Sales Insight Actions tile located on the My Marketo page.

Sales Connect


  • Salesforce API Update: With the Salesforce Summer '22 release, API legacy versions 21 -30 will no longer be supported by Salesforce. With this Marketo Engage release, all Sales Connect requests using legacy API versions have been updated to stay within a supported version. For full details on Salesforce API retirement plans, click here.

API Enhancements

  • New filtering capabilities for Bulk Program Member Extract API: Filter by program membership status, updatedAt, cadence, or exhausted content to refine extracted data set.

  • Bulk Program Member Extract API improvement: Specify up to 10 programs during job creation to improve throughput.


  • Forms Deprecation - Forms 1.0, lead Capture/save endpoint, and no-script versions of forms: Support for Forms 1.0 assets will be completely removed from Marketo Engage by October, 2022. All existing Forms 1.0 assets will cease to function. Marketo Engage forms will require JavaScript to load on landing pages and websites.

Product Release Webinar

June and August 2022 Marketo Engage Release Webinar

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