Last update: 2023-07-21

September 2011

Marketo Lead Management

  • Program to Salesforce Campaign Sync: Sync your Marketo programs with Salesforce Campaigns, including members, status, and cost.
  • More Local Assets: Organize more assets, including landing page test groups, Smart Lists, and static lists in your programs.
  • Clone Assets and Smart Campaigns: You can clone an existing Design Studio asset into a program, as well as clone a local asset to a Design Studio asset. Furthermore, you can clone Smart Campaigns inside a Program, as well as clone standalone campaigns into a Program.
  • Tokens on Landing Pages: As with emails, landing pages now use {{my.}} and other token types.
  • Token Picker for Email: Adding tokens to your emails is now even easier with our new token picker button.
  • New Event Adapters: Use Adobe Connect and ON24 adapters with Marketo programs to streamline your event management.
  • Data.com Integration: Enrich your data with Data.com using a new Marketo flow action.
  • Social Sharing of Landing Pages: Easily add and configure social sharing buttons on your emails, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Native Opportunity Support: Especially useful for customers who don’t use Salesforce as their CRM, we have released a set of new APIs to perform Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations on the Opportunity object within Marketo.
  • Program Performance Filters: Filter the program performance report by tags and channels, to group and compare your Marketo programs for reporting.
  • New Report Settings Tab: We made changes to where you configure report settings. A new tab, called Setup, is available on all reports!
  • Use Change Data Value to Set Value of NULL: We have extended the ability to set an attribute’s value back to NULL.
  • New Operators for the Flow Step “Remove from Flow”: We added new operators to the Remove from Flow action, including “is”, “is not”, and “contains”.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

  • Acquisition and Success Attribution Models: Attribution enables marketers to value and prove the effectiveness of their marketing programs. Success attribution shares credit among Programs with successful “touches” on a lead.
  • Enhanced - Opportunity Influence Analyzer: The Opportunity Influence Analyzer has been updated with new filters and the ability to distinguish between events that occurred before, during, and after the sales opportunity creation.
  • Enhanced - Program Effectiveness Analyzer: You can now filter by tags and program cost to customize your view.
  • Drill Across to Revenue Explorer Reports from the Program Effectiveness Analyzer: Clicking on any hyperlink in the program details window will take you to a detailed report in Revenue Cycle Explorer.
  • Enhanced - Revenue Cycle Explorer: We’ve made numerous improvements to the user interface.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Browser Support: Support for Google Chrome and Firefox 6 Browsers. New versions of these browsers, as well as Internet Explorer, will be supported as they’re released.
  • Column Sorting: You can sort all columns on the Program Performance report and the Landing Page Performance report.

Sales Insight Features

  • Customize Stars and Flames: You can now choose which score fields drive your Stars and Flames in Sales Insight.

July 2011

Marketo Lead Management

  • Smart Events: Smart Events lets organizations run more events with fewer resources by managing the entire event process in a single flow and making it easy to clone and reuse events.
  • WebEx Adapter: Seamlessly connect a Smart Event to a WebEx event (WebEx Event Center required) and use Marketo landing pages and forms to capture registrants and automatically register them in WebEx.
  • Multi-channel Program Management: Efficiently manage complex programs across multiple channels, including online ads, video campaigns, mobile, virtual events, and social media.
  • Local Assets: Manage all assets from a single view within Marketing Activities. Marketer’s can now create assets that belong to a Program or Event for ease of use and manageability.
  • Program Clone: Clone the program/event, including the the child campaigns, and all the local assets associated.
  • Spend Management: Easily capture upfront and ongoing period costs for each program and intelligently allocate resource across all marketing channels by measuring ROI and predicting the impact each program will have on revenue.
  • My Tokens: Create program and event variables, such as an Event Date, Event Description and Event Time, which are used to replace information in an email, so that you only update once.
  • Archive Folders: Move unwanted folders from your Marketing Activities tree by converting them into an Archive folder.
  • Program Performance Report: Understand the effectiveness of your marketing programs and events with new metrics such as new names acquired, and leads who have reached your defined success criteria.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

  • Program Analyzer: With a simple glance you can easily compare different channels (e.g webinars, tradeshows, ad placements, etc.) and assess which are driving the best returns across a wide selection of success measurements.
  • Opportunity Influence Analyzer: Measure marketing’s contribution and impact. Prove program value and other key opportunity generation engagement.
  • Exploring Program Effectiveness throughout Revenue Cycle Explorer: Program effectiveness can be explored with custom and out-of-the-box reports and dashboards including metrics such as program cost, program ROI, cost per lead, cost per success, and pipeline contribution by program.

May 2011

Revenue Cycle Analytics New Standard Reports

  • Top 10 Lead Sources: This report shows you which lead sources have produced the most leads.
  • Top 10 Lead Sources by Converted Leads: This report shows you which lead sources have produced the most opportunities.
  • Top 10 Lead Owners by Number of Opportunities Won: This report shows you who in the organization is closing the most opportunities.
  • Lead Aging Report: This report shows you the average age of all leads in a stage in a given period of time.
  • SLA Infractions Report: This report shows you the number of times the SLA time threshold was violated in a given period of time.

New Metric

  • Merged/Deleted: This metric is found within the Model Performance Analysis Area. It tells you the number of leads that were merged or deleted in the analysis period. It is used to understand potential discrepancies when the following formula does not add up. Beginning Balance + Inflow - Outflow = Ending Balance of leads in a stage in a given time period.

April 2011

Marketo Lead Management

  • Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9: These browsers are now fully supported.

  • **Import List **Enhancements: Pick and choose how you want your lead to be processed upon import.

  • Landing Page Performance Report: This new report provides more detail on the performance of your landing pages, including number of conversions and number of new names acquired by the landing page.

  • Changes to Landing Page Summary: Conversion information has been moved from the landing page summary page to the report. We added the template used by the landing page to this summary.

  • System Tokens: Stamp a field with a date and/or time.

  • Tokens in Change Data Value: Use tokens in a Change Data Value flow step to update a field.

Marketo Sales Insight

  • Custom Views and Filters: Create custom views on your Best Bets dashboard.
  • My Team’s Best Bets (Manager View): At-a-glance dashboard for managers, which allows them to monitor hot leads and contacts for their entire team.
  • Hide Setting for My Best Bets: Put a lead on hold for a preset time period with a single click.

March 2011

  • Custom List Logic: Combine the use of ANDs and ORs when building a Smart List.
  • Marketo Event: Capture membership to an event and progress leads through the event (part of Pioneer Program).
  • WebEx Adapter: Push registration information to WebEx via Marketo campaigns and pull attendance information post event.
  • Durable Unsubscribe: Enhancements that automate complex unsubscribe scenarios.

January 2011

  • Images and files search: Find images and files across all your folders.
  • Implied Salesforce Actions: Salesforce flow actions automatically push leads to Salesforce.
  • Success path analyzer: For Revenue Cycle Explorer customers, check your model performance from inside Marketo Lead Management.

November 2010

  • Replace images and files: Update files you’ve already uploaded to Marketo!

  • **Web visit **drilldown: See which web pages a lead viewed from the web activity report.

  • Account owner support: Use account owner email tokens and send them alert emails.

October 2010

  • Email editor improvements: Over 20 bugs fixed including ones targeted specifically at Chrome.
  • Performance boost: We’ve improved performance in over 50 locations within Marketo.
  • Cached smart lists: Guaranteed return of long running smart lists.
  • Microsites and 301 redirects: Total control! Redirect any URL to another URL with an easy interface.
  • Sales insight update: Performance enhancements plus send up to 200 emails at a time.

September 2010

  • Concatenated string fields: Use these to assemble messages such as German greetings.
  • Campaign email report: Build custom reports to see the performance of emails per campaign.
  • Report row length: Configure the number of rows returned in your reports.
  • Modeler phases: Use phases to see higher-order trends as leads move through your model.
  • Modeler manual stage change: Use this trigger in your model when leads are manually moved into a stage.

August 2010

  • Revenue Cycle Modeler: Track leads as they progress to a closed deal.
  • Salesforce Campaign tokens: Dynamically assign leads towards Salesforce Campaigns.
  • Chatter integration for Sales Insight: We now include Interesting Moments in your chatter timeline.
  • Lead partition assignment rules: Simplify partition assignment for new Salesforce and API leads
  • ICS file uploads: Browsers correctly handle ICS file downloads from Marketo.
  • Security settings: Change password and link expiration settings.

June 2010

  • View Email As Webpage: Click through an email to view it as a web page.
  • Email Click Report: View details on which email links were clicked.
  • Folders For Images and Files: Place your files and images into folders for organization and sharing.
  • Workspaces: Sharing Smart Campaigns (Enterprise Edition) – share Smart Campaign programs between workspaces.
  • Lead Search Updates: Search for leads faster when using Quick View.
  • SOAP API configuration: Get your SOAP API settings through the Marketo interface.

March 2010

  • Access Roles & Permissions: Limit user access to components of your Marketo Lead Management account.
  • Workspaces: Divide your leads into segments for access control and asset management.
  • Recurring Batch Campaigns: Schedule campaigns to run on a regular basis – daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Company Web Activity Report: See which companies are visiting your website the most.
  • Custom column export: Export your leads with selected columns rather than all fields.
  • Reorder choices in a flow step: Simplify how you manage your “Add Choices” in a flow step.

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