Release Notes: October 2022

Below you’ll find all the features included in the October '22 release. Check your Adobe Marketo Engage edition for feature availability.


Features denoted by a star (star) are paid add-ons. Please contact your Marketo Engage representative to learn more.

The following features will start to be released on October 14, 2022, with a phased rollout of remaining features over the subsequent weeks (unless specified otherwise). Release features and exact dates are subject to change.

Cross-Channel Orchestration 

  • Auto Arrange Dialogue streams for Dynamic Chat: Improve your crowded Dialogue canvas by organizing everything on the canvas into a clean and easy to read format with the press of a button through Auto Arrange.

  • Support additional data types for Dynamic Chat: Three new data types (boolean, integer, float) allow you to leverage more existing Marketo Engage fields in Dynamic Chat for things like targeting based on scores or asking visitors yes/no questions.

  • Meeting Links for Dynamic Chat: Option to automatically include a Teams or Meet link for Google and Outlook in every calendar invite that’s sent to visitors.

  • Scheduled Meeting Notifications for Dynamic Chat: Sales representatives get automated email notifications regarding scheduled meetings as well as any relevant information about the visitor’s chatbot interaction.

  • Roles and Permissions for Dynamic Chat: Admins can use granular permissions to control visibility and usage of the application and create custom user roles.

    • Full access - users can take full advantage of the feature (e.g., publish Dialogues, change color scheme, etc.)
    • Read-only access - users can see information but cannot make changes (e.g., see Audience Criteria or Stream Designer, but not alter)
    • Restricted access - users cannot see or access the Configuration or Integrations sections

Next-generation Experience

  • Updated Screens in the Next-Generation Experience: We’re delivering additional, refreshed screens in the next-generation experience that offer an updated design and usability enhancements accessible via toggle switch:

    • Landing Page Template Details
    • Email Template List
  • Enhanced Used by tab in Email Template Details: In the new experience, you will see additional information related to assets using the email template, including Asset Status, Last Modified, and Last Modified By. You can also search, sort, and filter the list of used by assets.

  • Report Asset Filter Modals: New design for report configuration modals displaying a new asset tree in the configuration menu and a filter for Date Created and Modified.

Marketing Data Environment

  • Adobe Privacy Service Integration: Harmonize with Privacy Service to automate compliance with data privacy regulations across Experience Cloud products. Currently, this service is only available to Marketo Engage customers that have onboarded to the Adobe Identity Management System.

  • Program Member Custom Fields Sync: Ability to bidirectionally sync extensible fields captured for a program member (e.g., attendee preferences during event registration such as food, sessions, tracks, etc.)

API Enhancements

  • Bulk Lead Import: Salesperson association: Parity with Lead REST API to able to associate leads with Salespersons during the bulk lead import process, reducing complexity and the number of API calls required.

Sales Insight



  • Forms 1.0: The deprecation of Forms 1.0 will be completed with the October release. Forms 1.0 assets will no longer be able to submit data to Marketo Engage and will return errors if attempted.

  • No-Script Forms: Forms will no longer function when Javascript is disabled in the browser. Form submission will require Javascript be enabled.

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