Prioritizing Web Campaigns

Last update: 2023-07-21

Prioritize your web campaigns when two or more web campaigns overlap by setting a Priority Score.


Overlapping Campaigns

A web campaign overlap occurs when:

  • Two or more Widgets and/or Dialog campaigns react at the same time on the same page
  • Two or more In Zones with the same zone id react at the same time on the same web page

An In Zone campaign and a (Widget or Dialog) campaign can react on the same page.

  1. Go to Web Campaigns.


    To make it easier to find the web campaign you want, use the filter feature.

  2. In the Edit Campaign Page, set the Priority Score (9999 = Highest Priority 1 = Lowest Priority).


    We recommend that you use campaign Priority Score only if there is a potential campaign overlap, with a higher importance of one of the campaigns. You don’t have to set a priority for every campaign.

  3. Save or Launch the campaign.

  4. See the Priority Score displayed in the Web Campaigns page.

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