Web Personalization Glossary

Last update: 2023-07-21

Some insights into the world and language of Marketo Web Personalization.

Term Definition
Anonymous Visitor A web visitor who never filled out a form or left their details on the website.
Web Campaign A customized reaction associated with a specific segment. With Web Personalization, web campaigns include Dialogs, In Zones and Widgets.
Clickstream The visitor’s activity and URL path on the site and how long they visited each page
ISP Internet Service Provider
Known Visitor A web visitor who has completed a form and left their details (email address) on your website or clicked a link in a Marketo email.
Account List A list of key account / organization names. Also known as an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) list.
Segments A collection of visitors that meet the specified criteria defined in the ‘Set a Segment’ page.
Split Testing A testing experiment with two or more variants to measure the difference in results. The goal is to identify changes to web pages that increase or maximize an outcome of interest.
Wildcard A wildcard character (* is used) that is used before or after a string to substitute for any other character or characters in a string. See the examples below.

Wildcard Examples

Here are three ways you can use a wildcard in Web Personalization.

Match all visitors on page URLs that end with pricing (for example, www.marketo.com/pricing

Match all visitors on page URLs that start with https:// (for example, https://www.marketo.com

Match all visitors on page URLs that include the word backup (for example, https://www.marketo.com/backup/pricing.html

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