Setting Web Personalization to Do Not Track

Web visitors can set their browser to prevent tracking by any website, by choosing “Do Not Track” (DNT). This prevents tracking for that particular browser and device.

In Web Personalization and Predictive Content, a marketer can set a toggle to indicate whether to support or ignore the browser’s Do Not Track (DNT) setting. The toggle for accounts is set to off as default, meaning the DNT is not honored by the application.

Enable or Disable the Toggle

  1. Go to Account Settings.

  2. In Domain and Domain Configuration, select On to enable the Honor DNT toggle.

    When the toggle is set to On, Web Personalization will honor and support the browser’s Do Not Track (DNT) setting, and will not track any web activity or run any campaigns or content recommendations on your website.


    Setting the toggle to On might affect Marketo’s value and functionality in specific areas.

  3. To disable the Honor DNT toggle and ignore the browser’s Do No Track (DNT) setting, select Off under Honor DNT.

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