Create a Hierarchy

Hierarchies are meant to be created in CRMs. However if you don’t have a CRM, follow these steps to create a hierarchy manually.

  1. In Named Accounts, click the Group by Hierarchy checkbox.


    Only non-CRM accounts can be used to manually create a hierarchy. CRM-linked accounts need to have their hierarchies created in the CRM.

  2. Using ctrl+click (Windows) or Cmd+click (Mac), select all of the accounts you want to group together in a hierarchy.

  3. Click the Named Account Actions drop-down and select Link to Named Account.


    If you want to unlink accounts, follow the steps above but choose Unlink From Named Account.

  4. Select a Parent Named Account from the drop-down and click Link.

  5. Your named accounts are now part of a hierarchy. Click the arrow to the left to see all of its child accounts.

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