Add Content to a Snippet


You can add tokens, images, files or rich text to a snippet.


You cannot embed any Marketo email syntax in snippets; it will not work in an email. Snippets should just be body content (HTML + TEXT).

  1. Go to the Design Studio.

  2. Select your Snippet and click Edit Draft.

You can add three types of content to a snippet.

Add Token

  1. Drag and drop the Token element.

  2. Enter Token and click Insert.

Add Image/File

  1. Drag and drop the Image/File element.


    You can add your own images or files to Marketo. Learn more about images and files.

  2. Select the Image to be used and click Insert.


    You can also search for a specific image if you know its name.

Add Text

  1. Type in the HTML Version area to add text.


    Use the formatting tools to customize your text.

  2. For Emails, click the Text Version tab.

  3. Click Copy from HTML.


    Images, links, and formatting are removed in the Text Version.

Cool! Now you can create a variety of content for your Snippet.

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