Edit a Segmentation

Last update: 2023-07-21

Making changes to your existing segmentations is easy. Here’s the low down.

Create a Segmentation Draft

  1. Go to the Database.

  2. In your Segmentation, click on Segmentation Actions and then Create Draft.

  3. The Status changes to Approved with Draft. A Draft folder is created in your segmentation.

Add, Edit, or Delete Segments

  1. In your segmentation, click on Segmentation Actions and then Edit Segments.


    You can only Edit Segments of a Draft and not the Approved Segmentation.

  2. Add Segment, Edit existing (rename or change the order) or Delete any Segments.


    You need to select a Segment before you can edit or delete it.


    Deleting affects all associated Dynamic Content in Emails, Landing Pages, and Snippets. There is no undo. Check the Used By tab to see what uses that segment.

Edit Segment Rules

  1. In your Draft Segment, go to Smart List. Apply rules similar to Defining Segment Rules.


    You cannot edit your Approved Segments. Click on Segments in Draft folder to edit them.


    Remember to Approve your Segmentation Draft.

Feel free to experiment on segmentations that are not used in dynamic content.

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