Lock Sales Template

To prevent CRM users from editing sales templates, admins can enable the ability to lock templates, which then allows users to lock templates individually from the email editor.


This feature works for Salesforce only and is not compatible with Microsoft Dynamics or other CRMs. Templates accessed from the Outlook or Gmail plug-ins will not be locked, as the editor is not controlled by Marketo.

Enable Lock Template


Admin Permissions Required

  1. Go to Admin, then click Sales Insight.

  2. Under Settings, click Edit.

  3. Check Enable ability to lock templates. Click Save.


By default, this box is checked and the ability to lock templates is enabled. Unchecking it will disable the lock template feature in the email editor.


Changing this setting as an admin will not retroactively affect existing templates; i.e., it will not lock them automatically.

Lock Template in the Email Editor

  1. Select the email you wish to lock, then click Edit Draft.

  2. In the email editor, click Email Settings.

  3. Check Publish to Marketo Sales Insight if it’s not already checked. You can now uncheck Allow CRM user to edit email in order to lock the template. Click Save.


    By default, this box is checked and CRM users are allowed to edit emails.

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