Logging Sales Activity Attributes to Salesforce

Salesforce admin can manually add custom activity fields to Salesforce.

  1. In your Salesforce account, click Setup.

  2. Search for “Activity Custom Fields” in the quick search field and click on it.

  3. Click New.

  4. Select Data Type corresponding to the field you want to add based on the table below and click Next.

  5. Enter the Field name and label corresponding to the field you want to add.

Description of each column in the table below:

  • Field Label: Field name shown in the UI (this name can be customized to improve readability by your team)
  • Field Name: Technical name of the field (make sure the Field Name you enter matches the Field Name in the table below)
  • API Name: Technical name of the field for API (make sure the API name you enter matches the API name in the table below)
  • Data type: Type of field
  • Size: Size of the text field
Field Label Field Name API Name Data Type Size
Call Outcomes mktosales_call_outcome mktosales_call_outcome__c Text 50
Call Reasons mktosales_call_reason mktosales_call_reason__c Text 50
Marketo Sales Call Local Presence ID MSE_Call_Local_Presence_ID MSE_Call_Local_Presence_ID__c Text 255
Marketo Sales Call Recording URL MSE_Call_Recording MSE_Call_Recording__c URL
Marketo Sales Campaign MSE_Campaign MSE_Campaign__c Text 255
Marketo Sales Campaign Current Step MSE_Current_Campaign_Step MSE_Current_Campaign_Step__c Text 255
Marketo Sales Campaign URL MSE_Campaign_Details_Link MSE_Campaign_Details_Link__c URL
Marketo Sales Email Attachment Viewed MSE_Presentation_Viewed MSE_Presentation_Viewed__c Checkbox
Marketo Sales Email Clicked MSE_Clicked MSE_Clicked__c Checkbox
Marketo Sales Email Replied MSE_Replied MSE_Replied__c Checkbox
Marketo Sales Email Status MSE_Email_Status MSE_Email_Status__c Text
Marketo Sales Email Template MSE_Template MSE_Template__c Text 255
Marketo Sales Email Template URL MSE_Template_Details MSE_Template_Details__c URL
Marketo Sales Email URL MSE_Details MSE_Details__c URL
Marketo Sales Email Viewed MSE_Viewed MSE_Viewed__c Checkbox

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