Sales Campaign Step Types and Reminder Tasks

Last update: 2023-07-24

Sales Campaign Step Types

When adding a step to your Sales Campaign, you have four options.


Compose a new email, or use a pre-existing template.

Use a Template Select one of your pre-existing templates
Save as Template Save the email you just composed as a new template
Add Content Upload a file to our server and receive a URL (pointing to the content) that can be tracked in your email
Attach Files Attach a file from your computer to the email (23MB size limit)

Learn the details about your sending options.


Set a reminder to follow-up with a contact via phone. You can also save notes to be used as a talk track during the call.


Following up on multiple channels is a great way to connect with leads. With InMail tasks, you can set up a reminder to reach out via LinkedIn.

Custom Task

Utilize custom tasks when the above options are not applicable. For example, you can invite a colleague to follow up with a lead via email.

Using Reminder Tasks in Sales Campaigns

Tasks are a powerful tool when sending a Sales Campaign to a contact, especially if your sales process is multi-channel/touch.

Task to send an Email and Task to Call a contact are the most common uses for Tasks in Sales Campaigns.

You can also make a “Task to Inmail” a contact on LinkedIn if that’s part of your workflow. You can also make a custom task to remind you to invite them to a happy hour, ask about their charity event, or check-in after game 5, etc.


The most important thing about Tasks in Sales Campaigns, you have to complete the task in order to trigger the next step.

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