Dynamic Fields Glossary

When creating a template in Sales Connect, we always recommend integrating dynamic fields, using the MSE Dynamic Fields button.

This tool is used to auto-personalize your email and save you tons of time by pulling information from the People page.

Dynamic Field Example of what appears in your email
{{company}} Marketo
{{company_friendly}} Marketo
{{first_name}} Keith
{{friendly_unsubscribe}} If you don’t want to hear from me again, please let me know here
{{my_name}} Alan Bradley
{{personal_email}} keith@pickyouremail.com
{{title}} Senior Technical Writer
{{work_website}} https://www.marketo.com

Things to note:

  • If a contact’s information is entered incorrectly or is missing from the People page, it will not pull over correctly into your template.
  • The difference between {{company}} and {{company_friendly}} is that {{company_friendly}} will remove any formal title, such as Inc., LLC., etc., from the name of your contact’s company.
  • When using {{company_friendly}}, make sure you separate Inc. or Co. with a comma in the contact details. This is how Sales Connect knows what to remove when pulling in the value.

You can create your own custom dynamic field for anything you’d like to have automatically pulled into your emails

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