Sales Phone Overview

Last update: 2023-07-21

Why Sales Phone?

  • Huge time savings in making phone calls. It takes two clicks to make a phone call, and everything gets logged to Salesforce for you automatically.
  • Increase the likelihood of connecting with someone by utilizing Local Presence.
  • Coach reps and increase your team’s performance by leveraging call recordings to understand what’s working and what’s not.

How do I quickly get set up with Sales Phone?

Phone Number: You will only need to type it in once. Sales Connect will remember your number for all future calls.

Local Presence: You will only need to check “use local presence” and record the call for your first call. Sales Connect will remember your settings for all future calls.

If you want Sales Connect to automatically create a call activity in Salesforce, check out this article.

How do I make a call with Sales Phone?

You can call from the Live Feed in Gmail/Outlook and from the Command Center in the web application (Call & Make a Call Buttons and directly from any contact in Sales Connect.

You can call from Niko, but we do not support call recording or local presence from there yet.

In Command Center, you can use your “call list” from the sent tab.

Once you hit call or make a call, Sales Connect will pull in your lead/contact’s phone number from Salesforce. If no number is listed in Salesforce, Sales Connect will pull in the phone number on the account record.

For teams using other CRMS, Sales Connect will pull the phone number from the number on the record in Sales Connect. This data can easily be available through a CSV upload.

Hit the big green Call button. Your phone will then start ringing. Pick up your phone and Sales Connect will automatically call the lead/contact.

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