Person Detail View

Last update: 2023-07-21

Person detail view provides a detailed profile of each person in your MSC account.

How to Access

  1. To access the person detail view, click the People tab.

  2. Click on the desired person.


    Pretty much anywhere you see a person’s name, you can click on it and get to their Person Detail View.

About Tab

Includes all of the person’s contact information.

Contact Card

  • Contains contact information like: email address, name, company, title, phone number, and social media links


  • Displays and manages what groups this person is a member of

Account Information

  • Can add a person to Salesforce
  • Pull account and lead/contact information from Salesforce

Custom Fields

  • Add or remove custom fields that can be used as dynamic fields in your templates and campaigns


  • Create custom notes

Engagement Tab

See how this person is engaging with your outreach.

Sales Connect Activity

  • See engagement activities from your sales emails and campaigns

Marketing Activity

  • See how your person is engaging with marketing campaigns

History Tab

Shows your outreach history. Includes emails, campaigns, and calls.

Sales Campaigns

  • See any active or completed campaigns this person belongs to

Marketing Campaigns

  • See any marketing campaigns this person is a member of

Sales Emails

  • See any emails you’ve sent this person and the engagement metrics

Sales Calls

  • See any calls you’ve made to this person

Tasks Tab

Manage tasks associated with this person.

Actions you can perform:

  • Edit or delete a task
  • See the due date
  • Click on the Type to launch the Sales Phone if Call, Email Compose if Email, Linkedin if Inmail, and Custom Note if Custom.
  • Mark a task as complete

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