Last update: 2023-08-16

Welcome to the Adobe Marketo Engage Modern UX (user experience), an updated interface that provides enhanced usability along with a new look and feel across the Marketo Engage platform.


If your IT team restricts web access using an allowlist, ask them to add the following domains (including the asterisk) to allow all Marketo resources and websockets:

  • *.marketo.com
  • *.marketodesigner.com
  • *.mktoweb.com

What’s New

There’s a lot of new functionality in the Modern UX, all of which is designed to significantly improve your marketing experience.


The new interface features improved and expanded iconography. Learn about them here: Icon Glossary.

Global Navigation

Goodbye superball. You now have quick access to all of the main Marketo Engage sections.

Instance URL

You also have quick access to your munchkin ID, which is now reflected in your instance’s URL (even more helpful to those with multiple subscriptions).

New Tree Options

There are a ton of new tree features available.


Performing a search in the tree will only display the first 250 results. If after a search you are unable to locate your asset, please use the Global Search function.

Marketo Classic vs. the New Marketo

Feature Classic Next-gen
Apply multiple filters at the same time X
Combined draft and approval tree node X
Create local assets in program folders X
Double-click to expand/collapse tree nodes X X
Drag-and-drop from tree to engagement stream X
Drag-and-drop inside the tree X X
Filter by asset type and states partial X
Highlight background to show hierarchy in focus state X
Highlighting keywords during search X
Horizontal scroll X X
Hover state of tree nodes X X
Quick collapse entire tree X
Quickly collapse to root node X
Real-time update X
Resizeable tree X X
Search in archived folders X
Search string saved when entering global search from tree search X
Show all workspaces in a single tree X X
State badge and tooltips X
'Word starts with' search logic X

Take a look at the new Global Nav.

1 No more superball drop-down
2 All previous superball items listed out
3 If you have multiple subscriptions, click on your sub name to easily switch to another one
4 Global search - you can now search your entire instance from here

Everything that used to live in the superball drop-down is still available as a tile in your My Marketo.


Using the search in the tree will only yield results from the section you’re in (e.g., Marketing Activities). If you’d like to search your entire instance, use the global search.

Enjoy the new Marketo Engage experience!

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