Champion/Challenger: Whole Emails

Test whole emails against each other. When the test is over, send out the top performer.

  1. In the email test editor, select Whole Emails in the Test Type drop-down.


    Remember: The original email is the champion. The challengers compete against it.

  2. Find and select the Challengers email(s), then click Clone.


    Cloning makes a copy of the challenger email under the email test.

  3. Drag the slider to decide the percentage split of people who receive the challenger versus champion emails.



    In the distribution shown above, 15% of the total audience specified in the smart list gets one of the challenger emails and 85% receive the champion email. Multiple challenger emails share the 15% equally. When the test is over, you can declare a winner manually. From then on, all future people receive the better performing content.

    To gain statistical confidence, be sure that the percentage you assign to challengers includes enough people that your test is valid. Don’t be fooled by inconclusive results.

    More information than you ever wanted about statistical confidence.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Progress! Let’s keep on it.

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