Send a Sample Email

Last update: 2023-07-21

It’s quick and easy to send samples of an email. To send a dynamic content email, see Preview an Email with Dynamic Content.


You must have the Access Database - Run Single Flow Actions permission to send sample emails.

Send a Sample Email

  1. Find and select your email. Click the Email Actions drop-down and select Send Sample.


    My Tokens resolves to the value appropriate to the email’s program.

  2. Enter one or multiple email addresses for delivery. For multiple email addresses, use commas to separate them. Click Send when done.


    If you enter multiple email addresses, they will all be visible to every recipient. The first one entered will the main recipient and each subsequent email address will be a CC recipient.


    If you want to resolve tokens as a specific person, choose said person in the person drop-down in Step 2.

Send a Sample Email While Editing

  1. Find your email, select it and click the Edit Draft tab.

  2. Click Email Actions, select Send Sample.

  3. Enter an email address for delivery and click Send.


    The trigger field is only applicable for those utilizing email scripting.

Send a Sample Email Based on a Segment

  1. Find your email, select it and click the Edit Draft tab.

  2. Click Preview.

  3. Click the View By drop-down and select Segmentation.

  4. A drop-down appears with available segmentations. Click it and select your desired one.

  5. Use the arrows to scroll through your options (in this case we dynamically changed the subject line).

  6. Click Send Sample to receive a test email of your segment in action.


    You can also send a sample email based on a segment in the edit mode of your email. Click the Email Actions drop-down, select Send Sample, then choose your segment.

Sampling your content before launching a campaign is very important. Measure twice, cut once!

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