Import a Non-Latin Characters List

Last update: 2023-07-21

Trying to import a file that’s not in English? The list looks perfect when you open it up with Excel.

But when you import it into Marketo, you might see that the non-English characters aren’t picked up correctly.

This is because the file is not saved properly for Marketo to recognize all the non-Latin characters. The good news is, there are a few simple steps you can follow to fix it.

  1. Select Save As… from the File menu in Excel.

  2. Choose UTF-16 Unicode Text (.txt) as the Format option. This will encode the file the way Marketo can display them.


    Marketo also supports UTF-8, Shift-JIS, or EUC-JP.

  3. Excel will save the new file as a Text File with a .txt extension. But it also converts all the commas in the file into tabs. We need to change it back.


    You can open the Text File using Notepad if you are using Windows or TextEdit if you are using a Mac.

  4. Select a tab from the document and copy it.

  5. Select Find and Replace… from the Edit menu.


    The equivalent action for Windows users is: Edit > Replace…

  6. Paste the tab you copied in step 4 into the first (to be replaced) box, and type in a comma in the second (replace with) box. And click All.

  7. And voila, all the commas are back and we are ready to roll.

  8. Import the new file into Marketo, and the information should be displayed correctly this time.


    Any date/time fields being imported are treated as Central Time. If you have date/time fields in a different time zone, you can use an Excel formula to transform it to Central Time (America/Chicago).

We know this is weird, but it works. Happy Importing!

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