Engagement Stream Performance Report

Last update: 2023-07-21

Want to know how your engagement content is performing? Try the engagement stream performance report.

Create the Report

  1. Find and select your engagement program, then under New click New Local Asset.

  2. Select Report.


    Creating the report under the program will automatically restrict it to the content of the program.

    Select Engagement Stream Performance as the report Type.

  3. Name your report and click Create.

    Alright! Now let’s check out the settings.

Edit Settings

  1. Find and select your report.

  2. Under the Setup tab, double-click the Engagement Program Email filter.

  3. Select the email(s) you want to report on and click Apply.

Run Report

  1. To run the report simply click on the Report tab.


    Although not illustrated, Engagement Score is a column in this report. See Understanding the Engagement Score for details on what it is.

    Great job! Notice that the report is grouped by engagement program.

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