Test an Engagement Stream

Once you’ve added all your content to a stream, you can test them out one piece at a time.

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select your engagement program.

  3. Click Program Actions and select Test Stream.

  4. Select your person from the Test Person drop-down. Remember, content will actually go out, so keep that in mind when choosing.


    Make sure that your test person is unique and doesn’t have duplicates in the database.


    If the test person you’re looking for doesn’t exist, use the Create Person option to create one on the fly.

    Click Initial Stream, select the stream you want to test and click Run Cast.

  5. After the person goes through the transition rules you previously set up, click the Refresh icon.

  6. The new stream will appear, indicating a successful test.

    Good work!


    No other content will be sent unless you click Run Cast again.

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