Add SSL to Your Landing Pages

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption lets you make all of your landing pages for a Marketo instance secure.

When you fill out a web form or visit a landing page that’s hosted by Marketo, by default the information is sent over non-secure protocol (HTTP). Per your company’s policy, you may want to secure the information submitted to Marketo over (HTTPS). For example, when you visit it will now be

Marketo tracks “Visited Web Page” and “Click Link on Web Page” by default over non-secure HTTP protocol. If you want to have your tracking links secured with their own certificate, you need to have Marketo build a separate non-shared server to enable it. To secure all aspects of a contact’s interaction with you typically means securing both landing pages and tracking links.

For FAQs on adding SSL to your landing pages, see this article.

If you would like SSL for your Marketo landing pages, please contact your Marketo sales rep.

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