Customize Your Landing Page URLs with a CNAME

Even though Marketo hosts your landing pages, the URL can be totally customized. What it looks like without a CNAME:

The way it should look:

Choose a CNAME

Pick a word to go at the beginning of the URL for your landing pages. It’s just one word and should be relatively short. Examples:


The one word (plus is called a CNAME. You’ll need this later so make a note of it.

Find your Account String

  1. Go to the Admin area and click on Landing Pages.


    Admin Permissions Required

  2. Under the Landing Pages tab, copy the Account String from the Settings section.

  3. You will need later also, so make a note of it.

Send Request to IT

Ask your IT staff to setup the following CNAME: (Replace the word [CNAME] and [ACCOUNT STRING] with the text from the previous step.)


Complete CNAME Setup

  1. Once your IT has created the CNAME, go to Admin and click on Landing Pages.

  2. Under the Settings section, click on Edit.

  3. Enter your CNAME in Domain name for Landing Pages, enter your Fallback page, enter your Homepage and click Save.


Your fallback page will be the page leads will get redirected to if your Marketo Landing Page is unavailable.

Nice job! Your landing pages are now branded with your company domain.

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